Date of Birth:  September 22, 1979
 Place of Birth: Calgary, AB
 Residence: Calgary, AB
 Years on National Team:
 Height:  6'1"
 Weight: 209 lbs.

In 2002, after a successful luge career that included numerous solid results on both the junior and senior World Cup circuits, as well as a fifth-place finish in the doubles luge (with Eric Pothier) at the Salt Lake City Olympics, Chris Moffat was fed up. And after a reported difference of opinion with the team's previous coach, he decided to walk away from the sport. Exiting with him was his younger brother, Mike, who had slid to a 12th-place finish in those same Olympics with Grant Albrecht.

Over the following three years, the elder Moffat would keep tabs on the luge programme, and when a new coach, Corey Walter, was hired, he approached him and soon found himself helping out as coach with the junior team.

Over the past year, Moffat realized he still had the itch to get back in the saddle. Along with his brother, with whom he had never raced, the two pooled their money and decided to give racing one more shot. Remarkably, in their first World Cup race last November -- after a three-year hiatus --, they stunned the field, finishing in sixth place. The success was even more meaningful considering it occurred on the Olympic course in Turin.

In the months since, the duo has picked up two more World Cup Top-10 results. Amazingly, the sizzling team now heads to Italy considered by many an excellent bet to win a medal.

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