Date of Birth:  August 12, 1979
 Place of Birth: Winnipeg, MB
 Residence: Calgary, AB
 Years on National Team:
 Height:  5'7"
 Weight: N/A

A gifted natural athlete, Cindy Klassen, amazingly, didn't originally like speed skating. Growing up in Winnipeg, she was an accomplished hockey player who generally suited up with the boys. She also liked the rough and tumble sport of lacrosse, earning a berth on the Pan-Am team in 1994. Five years later, she would be back at the Pan-Am Games, this time as part of the in-line skating team.

However it wasn't until she began her storied speed skating career that Klassen truly found her raison d'etre. Once she started, she was hooked. By the time 2003 rolled along, she was on top of the world, becoming the first Canadian in 27 years to claim the overall title at the All Round Speed Skating Championships. One year later, the historic victory would be a distant memory as Klassen found herself forced to the sidelines after badly tearing the tendons in her right forearm in a brutal skating fall.

The accident would eventually cost her almost the entire 2003-04 season, but the tough Winnipeg product vowed to come back stronger than ever in 2004-05. And did she ever; with three World Cup gold medals, one in the 1500 m and two in the 3000 m, she is clearly one of the athletes to beat.

At the 2002 Salt Lake City Games, Klassen picked up a bronze in the 3000 m. Here's betting she's be looking for some additions to her Olympic collection in Turin 2006.

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