Date of Birth:  February 28, 1978
 Place of Birth: Cocagne, New Brunswick
 Residence: Calgary, AB
 Years on National Team:
 Height:  6'2"
 Weight: 220 lbs

With his second-place finishes in both the two-man and four-man races at the 2005-06 Canadian Championships, bobsleigh pilot Serge Despres has emerged as the heir apparent to the godfather of Canuck bobsledding, Pierre Lueders.

Built like a linebacker, Despres clearly has the size and strength to succeed in the sport of bobsleigh. However, bobsleigh is not just about sheer muscle and strength, it's also about understanding the angles. And with a degree in mechanical engineering, Despres obviously has the intelligence the sport absolutely requires.

Watching Despres during the 2004-05 season, it's not that surprising that he has become the country's second-rated pilot. Most notably, he picked up a couple of Top-20 results, including a 17th-place finish in a two-man race at the Olympic course in Turin.

During the current 2005-06 season, Despres has picked up right where he left off the year before. He has five Top-20 results -- three in the four-man and two in the two-man --, including a career-best 11th-place finish on his home course in Calgary.

Winning a medal in Turin in 2006 won't be easy for Despres. However, the experience should be invaluable as the young sledder continues to develop with an eye on Vancouver in 2010.

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