Clap for skaters
The origin of speed skating is still very much in dispute, depending on whether you refer to primitive activities or actual recorded competitions.
February 8: Full Story

Runnings made cool
Many winter Olympics sports suffer from lack of exposure except in the few countries with a rich tradition in them. Bobsled was a prime example. That all changed, however, thanks to the astonishing publicity generated for the sport from a warm, tropical Caribbean island. Who'd have thought that was possible?
February 7: Full Story

Snowboarding a boom sport
Snowboarding represents one of the very few Winter Olympics sports that did not originate in Northern Europe. On top of that, it represents one of the few winter events that hasn't been around for hundreds of years.
February 6: Full Story

Nordic combined a true test
The Nordic combined event at the Winter Olympics is an interesting day to say the least.
February 5: Full Story

Skeleton not for the meak
American Eric Bernotas first tried the sport of skeleton four years ago at age 30. Now he is a medal contender for Turin.
February 4: Full Story