Jackson wins bronze: 1960 - Squaw Valley, California
Sonja Henie of Norway was a great figure skater but one could also say that she was a pretty good prognosticator too.
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Calgary's Glorious Games: 1988 - Calgary, Alberta
Looking back at the 1988 Calgary Winter Olympics, we are left with many positive memories except for one - it was the second time that Canada hosted the Olympic Games (1976 in Montreal was the first time) without winning a single GOLD medal. To this date, we remain the only host country to suffer that distinction.
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Olympic hockey loss: 1960 - Squaw Valley, California
It was 1960 and Team Canada hadn't won the Olympic men's ice hockey gold since 1952 when the Edmonton Mercurys skated away with the top Olympic prize in Oslo, the Norwegian capital.
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Figure skating scandal: 2002 - Salt Lake City, Utah
Probably the most crooked judging ever done in the Olympic Games was conducted by figure skating judges.
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Ross Rebagliati: 1998 - Nagano, Japan
The Nagano Olympic Games in 1998 remain in our memory not only because Team Canada's coaching staff boycotted Wayne Gretzky when it came to a shootout decision against the Czech Republic, but moreso on account of the Ross Rebagliati fiasco.
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