Stand proud, Canada
An outstretched arm of a Norwegian coach provided the first piece of sporting magic for a less-than-magical Winter Games. It was the kind of special moment that still exists almost exclusively in Olympic sport.
Feb. 27: Full Story
Clara, Cindy sing from the heart
TURIN -- This is the sustaining portrait we should stop and freeze from the Olympic Games of Turin.
Feb. 26: Full Story

Medal for Mats
TURIN -- The image of Mats Sundin, that only now can go away, was memorable and sadly poignant for all the wrong reasons four years ago.
Feb. 25: Full Story

Canada's leading ladies of sports
We interrupt the dissection of Canadian hockey for this unpaid, non-political announcement: Canadian women are kicking arse at the Winter Olympics. It is important to know this in the wake of the crushing demise of Canada's favourite millionaires.
Feb. 24: Full Story

Ed Milliken is SUN TV's senior producer for Sports and Current Affairs. A veteran Canadian network sports producer, Ed is in Turin working for the Host Broadcasting Organization. The Grill Room is SUN TV's daily sports opinion talk show.

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