New inspiration
It was one last chance to kick the hockey team. One medal short. And it was hockey. "We came into this thing thinking we'll have the big four in the bag and we only got three," said Canadian Olympic Committee CEO Chris Rudge of two hockey and two curling medals.
Feb. 27: Full Story
0.09 seconds of heartbreak for Lueders
One more medal. If Pierre Lueders’ pushers had been able to give their pilot 0.09 of a second, Canada would have reached the Winter Olympic goal of 25. Instead it ended up at 24.
Feb. 26: Full Story

Rockin’ the house
Maybe we should have sent a team of Newfoundlanders to the Olympics in hockey, too.
Feb. 25: Full Story

Takin' over the Team
Brad Gushue had tickets lined up to watch Canada in the gold medal hockey game Sunday. "Buggers," he said. That's one side of it. The other is that Gushue gets their stage. Media who had been planning to cover Canada in the semifinal hockey game will be scrambling for press tribune seats at curling today.
Feb. 24: Full Story

Ed Milliken is SUN TV's senior producer for Sports and Current Affairs. A veteran Canadian network sports producer, Ed is in Turin working for the Host Broadcasting Organization. The Grill Room is SUN TV's daily sports opinion talk show.

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