'Woman of the Games'
The head of the International Olympic Committee called her "the woman of the Games" yesterday, but Canada's medal queen just wants to be Cindy. Speed skater Cindy Klassen continues to receive accolades for her record performance in this northern Italian city.
Feb. 27: Full Story
Nobody does it better
As a two-year-old, she ran away from home on her tricycle, determined to see what was out there.
Feb. 26: Full Story

Clara's time to shine
Enjoyed the Cindy Klassen-Anni Friesinger showdown the other day? Well, pull up a chair and prepare for Canada vs. Germany, Part 2.
Feb. 25: Full Story

Golden era begins
It's starting to hit Cindy Klassen, the stir she's causing at these Olympic Games. Her first day of life as a gold medallist kept reminding her.
Feb. 24: Full Story

Ed Milliken is SUN TV's senior producer for Sports and Current Affairs. A veteran Canadian network sports producer, Ed is in Turin working for the Host Broadcasting Organization. The Grill Room is SUN TV's daily sports opinion talk show.

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